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Antique organ pipes painted with gold detailing
Our wooden alter with writing: “In Remembrance of Me”, and a framed tv displaying our logo
A red and blue stained glass window reflecting the outside light

You are welcome here.

We believe that diversity is a gift from God. We value authentic discussion based in kindness and mutual respect.

Our antique organ

Who we are.

Newfields Community Church is a church for all, rooted in history but looking toward our future. Open and Affirming to those from all walks of life, regardless of background or belief, we strive to make every member feel safe, welcomed, and supported within our community.

Whether you're in search of God's love or looking to connect with others who share similar beliefs, we welcome you to our place of worship.

April 12, 2024 Trustee Report



Apr 14, 2024

Successful Christmas Caroling



Dec 18, 2022

Welcoming Our New Pastor



Feb 5, 2024

Start of Church Restorations



Dec 6, 2022

United Church

of Christ

United Church of Christ Logo




United Methodist Church Logo

Unitarian Universalist Association 

Unitarian Universalist Association Logo

We are a federated church.

We are a federated church with three different denominations. We share the same building, pastor, and resources. While we may not share all of the same traditions and beliefs, our community is unified and learns from each other's traditions.

Watch a sermon.

Watch one of our pastor's sermons and develop your journey in faith. Join us on Sunday to hear it in person or request the zoom link to hear it live online. To watch our full video library, you can go to our YouTube page.

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