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Rev. Cheryl Lynne Stromski

Cheryl, or Sherry as she prefers to be called, comes to the church after a full career as a pianist/accompanist/musical director. So she does some jogging between the pulpit and the grand piano, but we are OK with that.
Sherry graduated Andover Newton Theological School in 2018 with highest honors. She was the recipient of the Jonathan Edwards Award, an award that recognizes not only scholastic excellence and determinism, but leadership and promise. Sherry feels strongly that God is doing new things and she is excited to be a part of that. In addition to a Master in Divinity, Sherry has a certificate (a minor) in Interfaith Studies and a second in Pastoral Care. She looks forward to rich and diverse discussions and encourages them. "Each one of us is called to make the faith our own," she says. "We do that together in community. We do that in conversation across and with respect for our differences."

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Sherry is passionate that the ministry of the church extends outside of the churches' four walls.  "It begins in the individual," she says. "Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within. It starts with a deep love and connection, but it must move out. Our God is relational, always making the circle bigger, or as Gandhi said, 'increasing the size of the we.' "  Sherry is also deeply involved in restorative justice, immigration reform and climate change. She lives in Greenland, is married, has six grown children, each unique and wonderful, and 8 grandchildren. She and her husband are avid bike riders (with pedals) and enjoy taking long bike trips (i.e. 350miles).

Come say "Hi." She is usually at the church on Thursdays from 12:00-4:00 pm. And of course, she is there on Sunday mornings.  Check it out!

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