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Named for “Mr. Hilton’s New Field,” the town of Newfields was first settled in 1639 and for many years was known as South Newmarket. Residents attended church in Newmarket, and it would be almost 200 years before Newfields had its own churches. 

Methodist building.jpg

Methodist Church Building

The first Methodist Academy in New England was established here in 1817 and the Methodist Church was constructed in 1836.

Soon after, the Congregational Church was built-in 1839, followed by the Universalist Church in 1873.  In 1933 the three congregations joined as one in the Newfields Community Church, holding worship in the Universalist Building, which is the only one of the three original church buildings still remaining.  This is our church home today.


Universalist Church Building

We are in covenant with the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Through these bodies we participate in mission in the State of New Hampshire and throughout the world.

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