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A green stained glass window with a picture of an anchor

We believe that God loves all people, speaks to each one of us and guides us in the ways of life.

We believe that each person comes to an understanding of God through different circumstances and situations. We believe each voice that sincerely seeks to love God and love neighbor is a gift to be held in tension with Holy Scripture and the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. We believe that in the man Jesus of Nazareth we see the embodiment of God and understand what God desires for humankind.

We believe.

Antique organ pipes painted with gold detailing
Our wooden alter with writing: “In Remembrance of Me”, and a framed tv displaying our logo
A red and blue stained glass window reflecting the outside light



Our wooden alter with wiriting: "In rememberance of me"

To listen, to love, to serve.

Our Mission.

Our antuiqe organ

We believe God is relational and we hold our relationships with one another and our community with utmost importance and care. We believe that it is through our relationships that we encounter and more fully understand the living God. Therefore, our relationships are sacred. This includes our relationship with the earth and all creatures. We do not see the church as an end goal in itself, simply the means by which we gather, to discover and live into God’s rhythm.

Our Fellowship.

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