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Successful Christmas Caroling

NCC is so happy we were able to spread some Christmas Joy with our community this weekend. We are so thankful for all who came out to carol!

Golden Chandeliers

Caroling Recap

NCC members gathered Saturday evening to go to houses around Newfields and lift up spirits before Christmas. We had so much fun singing all of our favorite carols and interacting with the community. We hope you may join us for future events and not miss out on the fun!

O Little Town of Newfields

By Barbara Janeway

O little town of Newfields where the Squamscott meets the bay

May every home be filled with love

Through each long winter day.

May hands reach out in kindness

May hearts be filled with light

May candles fine and tree lights shine

From windows through this night

O little town of Newfields may

Your fields and forests hold

For every wild creature there

Warm shelter from the cold

And may the snows of winter

Bring beauty without fear.

Let townsfolk know that with the snow

Grace falls on all right here.

O little town of Newfields show

The world how holy peace

Starts with small deeds of daily life

And love guides its increase

For so much that divides us

Can not stand in the way

When we but share our joys and cares

And joy sweeps fear away.

In addition to singing the classics as we caroled, our very own Barbara Janeway blessed us with an adaptation of O Little Town of Bethlehem. We are so lucky to have so many talented people in our community and are always excited to show them off! We invite you to sing her adaptation to the tune of O Little Town of Bethlehem this holiday season!

As Christmas comes closer NCC wants to remind everyone that we welcome all who may want to celebrate this holiday season with open arms and hope that we will see you around!


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